For your audition, we ask singers to please prepare approximately one minute (one verse and one chorus is usually fine) of a song of your choosing. One that you feel best fits your voice. Any language.

If you are able to beat box or arrange music, we would love a demonstration or a sample of sheet music if you are willing to show us. These are by no means necessary, but they are additional talents that we are looking for!

You will fill out our fun little “About You” sheet (it’s new this year!).

We will ask you to do four quick things when you step into our audition room:

1. Range Check – We will see how high and low you are able to sing.
2. Tonal Memory – We will play notes and you sing them back.
3. Your Song – Perform for us! Show us what you’ve got!
4. Sight-Reading – We will ask you to read notes that we provide for you.

And you’re done! :D
If you have ANY questions about Treblemakers, auditions or otherwise, please contact Andrew Yoon, General Manager of Treblemakers, at