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"Please Visit NURUGBY.COM For All Current Team Information"

Well what are you waiting for... A written invitation? Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6:30 on Long Field. Games are on Saturday. Never played? Not a problem. Bring a mouthguard and be ready to have a good time.

Welcome Week Schedule

Tuesday 9/18:
4:30-6:00 PM Practice @ Long Field
Thursday 9/20:
4:30-6:00 PM Practice @ Long Field
Tuesday 9/25:
4:30-6:00 PM Practice @ Long Field
Thursday 9/27:
4:30-6:00 PM Practice @ Long Field
Friday 9/28:
5:00-7:00 PM Practice @ Long Field
BBQ and Social - Location/Time TBD

We are a team.
We play as a team.
We win as a team.

2012 Fall Schedule
Date Opponent Score W/L
10.06.12 @ Loyola tba tba
10.13.12 UIC tba tba
10.20.12 Eastern Illinois tba tba
10.21.12 @ U of C tba tba
10.27.12 Western Illinois tba tba
11.3.12 @ Illinois State tba tba
2010 Fall Scores
Date Opponent Score W/L
9.25.10 Loyola 53~18 W
10.2.10 @ NIU 42~11 L
10.9.10 @ UIC 26~23 L
10.16.10 @ Loyola 44~22 W
10.23 NIU 55~3 L
10.23.10 UIC 38~26 W
Rugby is fun!

FAQ: Words of Wisdom.

Q: I've never played before, what do I need to know?

A: The best way to learn is to play but it probably wouldn't hurt to watch a few clips at Rugby Dump.

Q: What do I need to bring to practice?

A: Cleats, a mouthgaurd, your cojones, and some tampons... but seriously in case you break your nose bring some of those.

Q: I hear rugby is dangerous... I'm not 6'5'' and 300lbs. Can I play?

A: Yes.

Q: But seriously, am I going to get hurt?

A: Probably, that's why we make you sign waivers first.

Q: Ok I'm sold. So I hear that rugby socials are bat sh*t crazy! Is that true?

A: Yes.

Q: This FAQ sucks, where can I actually learn the basics of the game?

A: Well first of all f*ck you. We'll be adding a basic tutorial section soon but in the mean time hit the gym and run a few miles cause you'll want to be in shape for the first practice.

A big thank you to the following
individuals for their support:

Richard Cortez
Jeremy-John Darling
Janet Epstein
William Leska
James Levenson
Sean Sullivan