Exec Board

            Who we are:

           Students at Northwestern University, vegetarians, vegans, people who love veggie food, and animal lovers!

            What we do:

Food and activism! We love to get together and eat (at meetings, potlucks, and outings to veggie restaurants), as well as do animal rights activism on and around campus. We offer a forum for discussion, a social group, a support group, and that's all aside from activism!

            What kind of activism:

Last year we worked with Mercy for Animals, flyering and doing Pay-per-View on campus, had a screening of Vegucated, and passed out free veggie food on campus. This year we are working with the Humane League, Mercy for Animals, and the Humane Society on multiple campaigns (a Cage Free Campaign and Meatless Mondays) as well as continuing the free food and Pay-per-View from last year!

    Where to find us:

Check us out on facebook for updates and join our listserv! Check out our exec pages (contact info provided for presidents) if you have questions or want to get involved!

During Winter Quarter 2013 we will meet every other week starting January 14 at 9pm in Kresge 2-410. 





NU Veg Society - Northwestern University