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[17 Feb 2011 | No Comment | ]

By Edwin Rios

Will Hosni Mubarak’s resignation threaten Egyptian-Israeli relations? Probably not.

But that seems to be the prevailing fear in the minds of the Israeli people, as life in the streets of Cairo returns to normal. The protests have risen from below; the same police who attacked anti-Mubarak protestors in Tahrir Square now call for higher wages and refuse to return to their jobs until their voices have been heard. The shouts for reformation of the 18-day People’s Revolution have ceased for the moment, as the government’s future rests in the …

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[6 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]

[Fall 2009, Volume X, Issue I]
International terrorist organizations can differ widely in structure, tactics, chosen victims and amounts of support. Throughout the world these groups use hijackings, kidnappings, suicide bombings and threats of worse to reach their goals, which can vary from state to state, continent to continent, or even leader to leader within the organization. While some groups rely solely on violence and fear to obtain the ends they seek, some choose to start walking a different path – they form political parties and utilize democratic institutions.
But why …