Warmup Ideas

Warming a choir up is not simply a matter of using as many exercises as possible in order to tire the students out. Warming up should first begin with relaxation exercises in order to prepare the body for singing. After this, proper singing posture should be addressed. This should become automatic for singers within a choir after sufficient exercises relating to the area. The choir director should exhibit proper posture at all times in order to provide students with a good example. After this, breathing should be addressed in order to promote good breath management and prepare the students for resonance exercises, which follow. Exercises should begin in the middle of the voice and ascending patterns should be used in the first moments. This eases the transition between the speaking voice and the singing voice and does not pressure amateur singers to bring their chest voices up while warming up their ranges. The students will bring their lighter tone down from their higher register into their lower register.

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Sing on a neutral syllable at a moderate tempo, speeding up if students are capable. This exercise helps with legato singing, as well as melismatic and long phrases.

Sing on a neutral syllable at any tempo. This exercise helps students with staccato singing, and exercises the diaphragm visibly.

Sing on a neutral syllable or on mi-me-ma-mo-moo. This helps students with legato singing, as well was phrasing if incorporated.

Sing on sol fegge syllables or on numbers. When students have mastered this, allow them to sing in rounds, speeding up as students progress. If students request and are capable of more independence, put one singer on a part and sing in canon, starting each new part every two beats.

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