Club History

The Northwestern University Karate Club has a long history of excellence. The club was founded in 1968 by Shojiro Sugiyama, the former chief instructor of the Japan Karate Association of Chicago and the Great Lakes Region of the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF). Mr. Sugiyama led the Northwestern team to the national free sparring championship in 1977 (John Riordan, Delfo Bianchini, and John C. Mui) and again in 1984 (Farhad Patel '88, Peter Drieski and Michael Tobin).

Photo: Ken Sakamoto ('77) returns to the club to help Josh Pinkston and Amay Parikh train (early '98).

Recent Alumni

Alumni are listed by the final year in which they were part of the club (not always their graduating class) with the number of years they were in the club. Non-students are listed separately.

James Lin *3
Nicholas Matlis *3
Betty Hou3
Paul Knechtghes3
Jennifer Lee *1
Remi Auxenfans1
Navreet Basatti1
Roger Chen2
Steven Cheung1
Carolyn Freedman1
Mike Croke1
Brian Menzies2
Val Kucherenko2
Ben Scott2
Vicky Yu3
Ken Mayuga1
Myttle Mayuga3
Nina Wang2
Mike Woo2
Crystal Wright1
Paul Bongaarts *5
Marc Chevalier2
Taryn Cunha3
Angie Guillozet *4
Vinny Hung2
Amay Parikh *4
Andrew Bodart1
Jannette Pinson3
Curtis Mina3
Josh Pinkston *6
Ken Cadwell *4
Stephane Bordas3
Carlos Luna *?
Maelo Maldonado *4
Brian Pasquini3
Raymond Wang4
Brendan Higgins5
Lionel Edes2

Members marked * earned a black belt while with the club.

Mr. Sakamoto, Mr. Bongaarts, and Ms. Guillozet are currently active members at the dojo on Belmont. Ms. Guillozet is the instructor of the children's class, assisted by Mr. Bongaarts.

If you are an alumnus of the club, feel free to drop us a note! If you would like to be added to this page, please include the number of years that you were a club member and the most recent year you participated in the club. We also have a mailing list that you can use to keep in touch. Another good resource for keeping track of people is

In appreciation of his contributions to our annual tournament and continued support beyond the call of duty, Anthony Milevsky was made an honorary alumnus following CTJKS 4 (2000).

Anthony Milevsky

Anthony Milevsky (honorary alumnus)

Rokudan, JKA - ITKF/AAKF. He received ranks under H. Nishiyama, M. Nakayama and S. Sugiyama.

Teaching Experience
Judging Experience

Anthony Milevsky was born in 1942 in Gary, Indiana. He is 7th Dan in the Karate-Do Instructor's Council of Chicago, 6th Dan in the Japan Karate Association and a member of the Black Belt Examination Board for JKA International in the Midwest. As Director and Chief Instructor of the Japan Association Indiana, Anthony Milevsky has been teaching karate in the region since 1967.

After training in another style of karate, Milevsky Shihan began studying with the Japan Karate Association of Chicago, under the direction of Shojiro Sugiyama Shihan. To this day, he still actively trains and teaches at the Midwest Regional Headquarters in Chicago.

Milevsky Shihan has also trained under Hidetaka Nishyama Shihan, the world's most renowned instructor and President of the American Amateur Karate Federation and Chairman of the International Traditional Karate Federation.

Milevsky Shihan is best known for this high energy and innovative instruction, which brings out the best in the student athlete.