Welcome to HKSA


Last Monday we elected our new exec board for 2014-2015, and these are the lovely people:

  • Co-Presidents: Florence Chen and Michael Chen
  • Treasurer: Alex Ge
  • Secretary: Will Chan
  • Publicity Chair: Aleka Cheung
  • Global Outreach Chairs: Eugin Lee and Jack Pong

Also, we'd like to express our gratitude to the old execs (Vincent Li, Adrian Lam, Jodie Chan, Kaitlyn Sun and the two current co-prez) for their hard work and dedication to HKSA over the past year! Yay HKSA!

It's summertime in the hot and humid Hong Kong - which means good food, fun, and freshmen! A few of the incoming Class of '17 freshmen joined HKSA for some delicious pho this week. Check out the new faces!

Vinny the president also made us celebrate his birthday with him. Happy birthday dude.

And also check out all the fun we had at the end of year bbq!

We've elected a new exec board for 2013-2014!
Vincent Li
Vice President:
Adrian Lam
Michael Chen
Florence Chen
Publicity Coordinator:
Jodie Chan
Kaitlyn Sun

We're super excited to continue the awesome job our old execs have done this past year. Huge thanks to Sharon, Amanda, Lynette and Jasmine for all their hard work!

By the way, if you didn't know already, HKSA has a Facebook Group! Do join if you haven't already! ;)

[Winter quarter]
Here's a glimpse of some of the winter quarter happenings -

HKSA vs NUSAF Broomball; Chinese New Year dessert night. Credits to Michael for the broomball photos.

We're more than halfway through fall quarter already, believe it or not! We kicked off the school year with a Mid-Autumn Festival dinner down at Argyle (then tried to set off lanterns, which unfortunately failed due to the strong winds).

And apart from the food and fun, we're also pleased to welcome the new JUNIOR EXECS for the year! Congrats to Adrian, Jodie, Michelle, Toby and Yves. Check out exec board page for more info about them.

[Summer 2012]
Summer 2012 was full of fun activities back in Hong Kong. Many of us met up for dinners and dessert, and we met all the awesome freshmen! Check out the new (and old) faces:

It's the time of the year to say goodbye to our lovely seniors :( Thanks to all of you who came out to our senior farewell barbecue! We hope you all enjoyed the delicious food our very own chefs, Felix and Corey, cooked for us (thanks guys!), and we hope the seniors loved the gifts!

Farewell, seniors!

Week 8 of spring quarter! Believe it or not, we're all headed back home to 852 in a few weeks' time! But in the meantime, here's a huge update on what's been going on with HKSA this past quarter -

First, a huge (long overdue) congratulations to all new Exec Board members for 2012-2013!
We're all super excited to be on the exec board this year and to keep planning awesome and fun events with you guys!

Speaking of events, spring quarter has been quite eventful. Early in the quarter we had our 3rd annual HK Factor - a variety show with fellow Hong Kong students from University of Chicago, UIUC and Wash U! It was a really fun afternoon filled with beautiful performances ending with a delicious dinner at Argyle. Thanks to all of you who supported us and came out to the show! (:

Then it was our Thai dinner and Game Night at Siam Splendour and MCC - good food and games, how much better can life get? :D We had Big 2, Monopoly Deal, Mahjong, Go ( 圍棋), Chinese films, and oh-so-much fun!

Photos for HK Factor coming up real soon. (as soon as I get some sleep)


It's the middle of February already - just a few weeks before spring break! We had a couple of events (bake sale, dumpling night) in the past couple of weeks, check out the photos below:

Keep checking this page and your emails for more updates on events!

It's the year of the dragon!

We had a great Chinese New Year dinner together at Pine Yard restaurant. It was great seeing and meeting new members - thanks for coming! Hope you all enjoyed the delicious Chinese food!

Chinese New Year Dinner 2012

p.s. remember to join us in our sweet dumpling (湯圓) night next weekend (Sunday 5th Feb)!

Happy thanksgiving!
We had our Thanksgiving trip down to Chinatown on Wednesday, taking our long El ride downtown, then indulging in HOTPOT at Lao Si Chuan! It was a great night, check out a few photos below (click on them!):

[Summer 2011]

We had our first freshman welcoming dinner at Rice Paper in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

We are all looking forward to a great school year! :)



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