March 5, 2010

Ecstasiating Literary Aeipathies

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Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I scourge the English language for amusement, and, fortunately, it never disappoints. I was browsing the world wide web recently for some interesting words when I stumbled upon this list: “Lost Interesting Words in English.” While I cannot officially vow for the list’s legitimacy, these are somewhat peculiar and intriguing lost morsels of our language and make rather nicely for pretentious-sounding outbursts when you have nothing better to do. Enjoy!

Lost Interesting Words in English

Acrasial: Short tempered or ill tempered.

Adimpleate: To fill up; to make something full.

Aeipathy: Continued love or passion for something or someone.

Bajulate: To take the burden of; bear the burden.

Boscaresque: A scenic woodland; picturesque.

Buccellation: The art of making small morsels.

Coakatively: Artificially.

Ecstasiate: To enter an ecstatic level.

Exipotic: A purgatorial process.

Fallaciloquence: A pretentious speech.

Foppotee: A simpleton.

Gnathonize: To flatter someone.

Graviloquence: A sad or grave speech.

Homerkin: An outdated measure for beer.

Ictuate: To put stress on; to emphasize.

Jobler: Someone who does petty jobs.

Kexy: Dry and brittle.

Lignicide: An ancient word for woodcutter.

Misqueme: To offend or displease.

Nepheliad: A sky nymph.

Obstrigillate: To resist; refuse; protest.

Phalerate: Decorated; made beautiful.

Quadrimular: A phenomenon lasting for four years.

Rhodologist: A person who studies and classifies roses.

Sacricolist: A devoted worshiper.

Tecnolatry: Act of idolizing children.

Vacivity: Hollow or emptiness.

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