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Get involved and have fun!  The various student organizations seek to benefit the medical community or enhance your medical experience, whether it's through clinic, political awareness, singing, or even producing the annual comedy show.  Can't find one that interests you?  Why not start a new one!

clinical experience

Action for Young Athletes in Chicago (AFYAC)

AFYAC believes that participating in athletics keeps young students motivated to do well in school and fosters an environment in which they can learn leadership, discipline and good citizenship, despite socioeconomic barriers. With the help of volunteer physicians and residents, AFYAC supports Chicago Public School athletic participation by providing free pre-season physicals, education on sports injury prevention and nutrition, and mentorship.

» Jill Larson, Co-President
» Emery Lin, Co-President
» Matt Tao, Co-President
» Emily Zander, Co-President

Chinatown Clinic

The Chinatown Clinic arranges for Feinberg students to volunteer at a weekly Sunday clinic in Cermak Chinatown. The clinic provides free primary medical care to the indigent public. In the spring, the Chinatown Clinic organizes a health screening fair open to the public.

» Janet Y Lee, President
» Jackyln Chan, Treasurer
» Wendy Gu, Volunteer Coordinator
» David Y. Chen, Translator Coordinator
» Kim Ho, Health Fair Contact

Community Health Clinic (CHC)

Community Health Clinic is a free, volunteer clinic serving patients without medical insurance. This clinical experience involves M1s and M2s pairing up, taking patient histories, and presenting to M3/M4s and attending physicians. Feinberg students and physicians participate every Wednesday evening in the clinic located in a predominantly Hispanic community on Chicago's west side. Spanish-speaking skills often come in handy (but are not necessary)!

» David Xu, President & Coordinator
» Tim Wang, Coordinator
» Sharon Hung, Coordinator
» Lina Rodriguez, Coordinator

CHC Cardio

The Cardiology Clinic seeks to give medical students early clinical experiences in Cardiology and to provide needed care in an underserved community in Chicago's west side. The group also plans 2-3 education talks for students per year on careers in Cardiology and current issues in heart disease.

» Moulin Chokshi, Coordinator
» Lakshmi Sridharan, Coordinator

CHC Psych

The CHC Psychiatry clinic strives to 1) raise awareness among medical students about mental health needs, 2) provide an opportunity for medical students to work with Northwestern residents and physicians in providing community-based psychiatric care at CHC, and 3) respond to an unmet need for psychiatric health services at CHC. CHC Psych is the only student group at Feinberg that seeks to provide psychiatric care in a vulnerable population.

» Emily Liu, President
» Haley Goucher, Treasurer

CHC Endocrinology

» Alexander Sandhu

Devon Clinic

The Devon Clinic aims to collaborate with other Chicagoland medical schools to provide medical care to the uninsured and underserved. The clinic mostly serves South Asians on the Far North side of Chicago.

» Ekta Gupta, Coordinator
» Ami Shah, Coordinator
» Eric Nicolaides, Coordinator
» Abhishek Bhandari, Coordinator

New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS) Clinic

The NLVS Clinic provides a unique opportunity to work with medical students from throughout Chicagoland in a free clinic setting. First-year medical students learn from both peers and attending physicians while seeing real cases. The clinic is located south of Devon Avenue and serves the uninsured South Asian population of the Far North of Chicago. It is open every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

» Jessie Grewal

Patients Perspective

One of the most popular clinical experiences for M1s, the Patient Perspectives Program has, for over 20 years, centered on the development of future patient-physician relationships by providing the opportunity to view illness and hospitalization from the patient’s viewpoint. Each week participants meet with hospitalized individuals to talk about non-technical problems and emotional reactions accompanying their illness. The time commitment is roughly two hours per week. Students may choose one of the following locations to see patients.

Children's Memorial Hospital (CMH) offers the unique perspectives of children and their families as they struggle with verious illnesses or injuries.

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) offers the opportunity to meet patients from a wide variety of backgrounds, including patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury, strokes, burns, and joint replacements. In addition to talking with patients, students gain exposure to physical therapy, music therapy, receive interactive lectures, from physiatrists, and participate in an event that will give them first-hand experience with using a wheelchair.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) offers rotations through many of the wards, including the medical, surgical, cardiac and OB/GYN floors.

Hospice at Northwestern Memorial Hospital offers students the opportunity to see medical and emotional issues involved in caring for terminally ill patients. There are frequent opportunities to talk with the patients' family to learn more about how they cope with a loved one's declining health and approaching death. While the nature of this program requires a significant emotional investment, the experience can be extremely rewarding.

» Julia Hubert, Coordinator
» Sean Wang, Coordinator
» KT Hsu, Coordinator


Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

ASB is dedicated to the organization and implementation of community service trips to various underserved communities in the United States during the medical school spring break. The organization aims to broaden students' understanding about the effects of poverty on health and healthcare, while simultaneously providing medical and non-medical services to an underserved community. The group has served the Cheyenne River Youth Project in Eagle Butte, South Dakota in the past two years.

» Yaw Nyame, Co-Director
» Kim Ho, Co-Director
» Andrew Ambrosy, Director of Medical Affairs
» Tim Wang, Treasurer
» Michael Granieri, Co-Transportation Chair
» Aaron Eifler, Co-Transportation Chair

Camp Wildcat

Camp Wildcat works with Chicago Youth Programs to host a weekend camp for a group of underprivileged, at-risk, inner-city Chicago children. The goal of the program is to create a venue in which the children can have exposure to the outdoors. Medical students have the opportunity to act as positive role models for these children.

» Jimmy Hwong

Chicago Youth Program (CYP)

The Chicago Youth Program (CYP) Clinic is a pediatric clinic located in Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH) and serves children involved in the CYP. The clinic is open every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m., and students involved in one of the CYP programs can volunteer.

» Mitra Afshari
» Juliet Evans
» Kristin Fontes
» Tracy Foote

Northwestern University Alliance for International Development (NU-AID)

NU-AID provides primary medical care and health education to underserved populations in Latin America and the Caribbean while creating a valuable educational experience for Northwestern medical students and physicians.  Working in coordination with local non-governmental organizations, volunteer medical students and physicians operate week-long free clinics.  Since its inception in 1999, NU-AID has sent more than 15 medical teams on bi-annual trips to sites in Nicaragua, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Haiti, with the goal of producing continuity of care and long-term public health improvements within each community.

» Andrew Thomas, President

Red Cross

The American Red Cross Club at Feinberg consists of medical students who are committed to coordinating blood drives on-campus with the American Red Cross throughout the academic year as well as the summer months.

» Janet Y. Lee, Co-President
» Edward Chan, Co-President


American Medical Association - Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS)

The AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) is the largest and most influential organization of medical students in the US. The Feinberg chapter educates medical students on debt repayment and residency programs, supports and develops community outreach projects, and works to improve healthcare for those who desperately need it. The national organization convenes biannually, with its June meeting at the AMA headquarters in Chicago. Students can register to attend the MSS portion of the conference. Feinberg's chapter is dedicated to student needs, making medical supplies and textbooks available at great prices, and holding several events and meetings throughout the year to educate members and classmates on every aspect of medicine.

» David Xu, External Co-President
» Emery Lin, Internal Co-President
» Leah Abrass, Recruitment

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is committed to improving healthcare and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

» Rebecca Cantone, Co-President
» Daniel Choi, Co-President

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women's Association is an organization of men and women which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances. In addition, we provide volunteering experiences, a presentation of "Vagina Monologues," and fun social events. All medical students are welcome!

» Claire O'Connell, Co-President
» Julia Hubert, Co-President

Global Medical Relief Program (GlobeMed)

GlobeMed is dedicated to providing medical supplies and promoting quality healthcare to developing countries and regions impacted by natural disasters.  Nationally, GlobeMed has provided supplies and care to over 15 developing countries around the world.  At Feinberg, GlobeMed has primarily worked to support the Ghana-Outlook AIDS Clinic in Ho, Ghana, to provide a forum for international health issues, and to organize supply drives, fundraisers and the Global AIDS Awareness Week.

» Nour Birouti, Co-President
» Amar Vira, Co-President

Health Disparities Taskforce (HDTF)

The Health Disparities Taskforce seeks to raise awareness about and spark student interest in disparities found in health care access and quality in the United States.  The ultimate objective is to create a conscious group of individuals well versed in the pertinent issues and dedicated to bringing about change.  An additional goal of HDTF is to promote the incorporation of information about health disparities into the permanent curriculum at Feinberg.

» Mitra Afshari, Co-President
» Amar Vira, Co-President
» Ibrahim Idakoji, Co-President

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)

PHR believes that human rights are fundamental to human health. Their goals are to promote awareness of domestic and international human rights issues as well as to advocate ways in which practicing and future physicians can respond to these issues.

» Erika Wallender

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association is a nonprofit national organization that provides support for medical students from traditionally underrepresented populations. The Feinberg chapter is involved in activities such as increasing awareness of health disparities, mentoring young students interested in medicine and participating in community service in underserved communities. SNMA is diverse in its membership and encourages all students to join and participate in the activities and events that SNMA holds throughout the year.

» Biftu Mengesha, President
» Ibrahim Idakoji, Vice President

medical interest

Emergency Medicine

The EM Club works in conjunction with the Northwestern Emergency Medical Department to introduce all students to issues in Emergency Medicine. Activities include seminars, lunch speakers, the E.R. shadow program, and annual participation in the Midwest Medical Wilderness Adventure Race (MedWAR) in southeast Michigan.

» Haley Goucher
» Thea Sakata

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The mission of the FMIG is to expose medical students to the fulfilling careers and array of opportunities within the Department of Family Medicine. Shadowing experiences, lunches with residents, and skills clinics are available to members of the FMIG.

» Elizabeth Groothuis, President
» Amber Alencar, Treasurer

Feinberg Cancer Society (FCS)

FCS works with the Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center to promote student interest, education, and participation in the field of oncology. Events and programs sponsored by FCS include faculty speakers, community speakers/panel discussions, patient shadowing, faculty/research mentoring, journal club, and research presentations.

» Becky DeBoer, Co-President
» Louis Ostrowsky, Co-President

Feinberg Collegium for Neurological Society (Feinberg-CNS)

Feinberg-CNS promotes student interest and education in the field of neurosurgery through exposure to faculty neurosurgeons and conferences held by the Deparment of Neurological Surgery.  This exposure includes but is not limited to speakers, surgical skills sessions, residency application advice, research opportunities, faculty mentors and career counseling.

» Sarah Clark, President
» KT Hsu
» Camellia Asgarian, Treasurer

Internal Medicine Society (IMS)

IMS serves the Feinberg community by informing students about opportunities in internal medicine through talks, panel discussions, workshops and other activities. Events have included a talk on "What is Internal Medicine?" and patient case presentations by the medicine clerkship director, panels of physicians discussing specialties in internal medicine, a panel on matching for internal medicine residency and a chest x-ray workshop. IMS works with the ACP-ASIM, the nation's largest medical specialty society.

» Michael Gibbs, Co-Organizer
» Kida Thompson, Co-Organizer

Loyola-Davis Surgical Society (LDSS)

The Loyal Davis Surgical Society seeks to promote student interest and education in the field of surgery and provide an introduction to the various surgical specialties. The group acts as a campus resource by hosting events such as guest speakers, lunch talks, surgical skills workshops, as well as facilitating access to research and shadowing opportunities.

» Daniel Mazur, Coordinator
» Jozef Murar, Coordinator
» Darren VanBeek, Coordinator
» Mike Wandling, Coordinator

Medical Chinese Interest Group

The Medical Chinese Interest Group is a collaboration of students with a common goal of learning basic medical vocabulary in Mandarin and Cantonese. Sessions are mainly group led or led by students proficient in each language.

» Jimmy Hwong, President

Medical Spanish Interest Group

The Medical Spanish Interest Group provides a student-run class in which students can learn and practice medical Spanish with others on a weekly basis. Beginners, intermediate speakers, and advanced speakers are welcome to learn.

» Christina Georgopoulos, President
» Bradley Allen, Treasurer

OB/GYN Interest Group and Prenatal Program

In the OB/GYN Interest Group, students have the opportunity to shadow in a variety of women's healthcare settings, including labor and delivery, gynecological surgeries, outpatient gynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility.  Shadowing takes place throughout the year with physicians and midwives within the NMH system. The group also brings in speakers for lunchtime discussions.  In the Prenatal Program, students are matched with pregnant women who are entering their second trimester and attend all prenatal visits, from routine checkups and ultrasound exams to amniocentesis.  The experience culminates in the student attending labor and delivery.

» Rachel Cook

Ophthalmology Interest Group

The main purpose of the Ophthalmology Interest Group is to give students exposure to the field of ophthalmology. The Ophthalmology Interest Group assists students in finding shadowing and research opportunities with faculty, provides a speaker series that educates students about the field of ophthalmology, and encourages students to participate in eye care related community service.

» Daniel Choi, Co-President
» Evan Olson, Co-President

Orthopaedic Surgery Society

The Orthopaedic Surgery Society promotes awareness of and education in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Activities include (but are not limited to) shadowing opportunities, faculty lunch talks, an annual forum of 4th year medical students discussing their experiences during the match process, publicizing research opportunities, faculty mentorship, orthopaedic conferences, and community service. It is the hope that participating students will gain exposure to orthopaedic surgery that will strengthen their interest in the field.

» Michael Granieri

Pediatrics Interest Group

The Pediatrics Interest Group seeks to inform the Feinberg medical community about the field of pediatrics and its sub-specialties.  Programs include mentoring, shadowing, community service projects, and lunchtime taks about pediatric sub-specialties and important issues in pediatric medicine.

» Mitra Afshari

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group promotes student interest and education in the medical specialty field of plastic and reconstructive surgery to foster early awareness as well as provide opportunities for education and research.

» Da P. Jin, President

Radiology Society

The Radiology Society aims at providing students with a better understanding of the radiology field. Activities include a shadowing program and informative speakers, to help prepare students early who are interested in radiology.

» Aaron Eifler

Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

SMIG is interested in providing sports medicine related opportunities through workshops, speakers, physician/resident shadowing, and possibly having medical students assist team physicians at sporting events. SMIG allows students to learn current concepts in sports medicine, which may include injury evaluation, rehabilitation, and nutrition. The club also aims to facilitate interaction between medical students and physicians on campus.

» Matt Smith, Presdient
» Alexander Sandhu, Treasurer

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

SIGN fosters medical student interest in neurology by providing opportunities to participate in learning, clinical, research, and service activities in neurology.

» Jenny Kaplan

Students for Mental Health (SMH)

SMH aims to provide Northwestern students various opportunities to explore mental health professions within and outside the Northwestern community.  We also work to promote mental health and an understanding of its principles as essential for parity in healthcare.

» Ryan Schmocker

special interest

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)

APAMSA is a national organization that aims to address those issues important to Asian-American medical students. We strive to serve the student body in four different capacities: cultural, social, educational and philanthropy. APAMSA's current activities include hosting a mentoring program, holding annual holiday celebrations, organizing social outings, inviting speakers to discuss Asian-American-related medical issues, and helping out with Chinatown health fairs.

» Betty Kong, President » Kim Ho, Treasurer

Brew Appreciation Club (BAC)

The BAC promotes the tasting of finely crafted and exquisite beers from both domestic and foreign microbreweries.  The BAC encourages students to share knowledge of ales and lagers alike, in order to encourage understanding of this emergent art. The BAC also supports students who produce their own spirits and enlighten others in the science of homebrewing.  Lastly, the BAC would like to set an example for the University by strongly endorsing responsible drinking and moderation.

» Darren VanBeek, President

Business & Medicine

The goal of Business & Medicine is to inform medical students on business topics that are critical to their future professional success. They seek professionals who can offer their perspectives on professional advancement outside and within medical institutions.

» Brian Miller, Co-President
» Michael Granieri, Co-President & Treasurer

Catholic Medical Students Association

CMSA seeks to promote spiritual and moral values, foster the development of spiritual life and worship, and provide a forum for medical students to congregate and share their experiences. In addition, CMSA seeks to understand and converse with people of various faiths and those who do not profess a faith, to come to a better understanding and integration of the complex issues regarding religion, ethics, and morals.

» John Boyle

Christian Medical Association (CMA)

The Christian Medical Association (CMA) is a radically inclusive, outwardly focused student group that exists to motivate, educate and equip medical students to live lives that emulate the life of Jesus Christ. Through Bible studies, social activities, retreats, and volunteer opportunities, we seek to develop real community and authentic relationships with each other and those in the medical community.

» Jad Jabbour

Dance Interest Group (DIG)

The Dance Interest Group invites students with an interest in any dance form, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, modern, lyrical and ballroom.  DIG serves as a resource to students with any level of dance experience who would like to perform, choreograph, take classes from dance studios, and participate in group trips to dance performances.  DIG is featured yearly in the In Vivo show with a number of high-energy routines.

» Marciana Lee, President
» Allison Kasper, Treasurers


The goal of DOCappella is to provide Feinberg students with an opportunity to sing in social settings. They form a co-ed a cappella group, now in its second year after a great debut year at several school events and variety shows. Performances featured Fly Away, Seasons of Love, And So It Goes, and many more. From great harmonies to entertaining solos, the members have built a strong reputation and have already been asked to sing at upcoming events! The group is open to taking on new voices and tackling new songs with their new library of a cappella music!

» Rebecca Cantone, President


Enviromed is dedicated to raising awareness and developing service projects concerning environmental issues and their related health issues.  Major projects include the PBL recycling initiative, battery and ink cartridge drives, and Earth Week.  Enviromed's goal is to help the Northwestern community and beyond understand the close link between environmental problems and human health in order to promote more sustainable behavior and thinking.

» Theadora Sakata

Islamic Medical Association

The Islamic Medical Association provides activities for medical and nonmedical students that live in the downtown Chicago area, introducing and explaining the Islamic culture in order to promote better care and understanding of Muslims and Muslim patients. Activities range from informational lectures, film viewings, and social events geared toward understanding Islam from a medical and general perspective. There is a weekly Juma'ah prayer, daily iftars during Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

» Asad Ali Usman

Jewish Medical Student Organization (JMSO)

JMSO coordinates programs that focus on Jewish culture at Northwestern and in the greater Chicago area. Keep an eye out for discussions about medical ethics, celebrations for holidays such as Chanukah and Passover, Shabbat dinners, trips to kosher restaurants and grocery stores, Israeli wine tastings and much more!

» Lauren Meyerson


The Jugulars is Feinberg's official juggling club founded in 1998. The club meets twice weekly to learn new tricks and relieve some stress.  In addition, they also perform in shows at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), the annual medical school comedy revue In Vivo, and local elementary schools. The juggling club is open to anyone regardless of skill level—most people join without any juggling skills!

» Michael Lin, Co-President
» Eugenie Suter, Co-President

Latino Cultural Medical Association (LCMA)

LCMA seeks to create an open environment wherein all students and faculty members can share and discover Latino culture while promoting local and global Latino health issues within the communities of Northwestern University and Chicago.

» Rosanne Di Pietrantonio

Musicians in Medicine

Musicians in Medicine is open to anyone with an interest in music performance. Participants volunteer at local hospitals and health care centers to play for patients with a repertoire ranging from classical chamber music to Disney songs to holiday tunes.

» Jeff Bonham

Northwestern Outdoor Adventure Club (NOAC)

NOAC serves as a meeting ground for Feinberg students with outdoors interests. The activities of the club are based on the interests of the current members. In the past they have included getaway camping trips, rock climbing, sky diving and ski trips.

» Darren van Beek, President

Phi Rho Sigma

Founded in 1890 at the medical school, Phi Rho is an international co-ed fraternity for medical students. Phi Rho alumni have been responsible for numerous significant advances in modern medicine, and many currently hold positions of influence and prominence in academic and clinical medicine. The society serves as a foundation for friendship, application and protection, by organizing and attending social events that enable medical students to experience Chicago's cultural and social venues.

» Matt Lipton, President
» Ashvini Varadhi, Vice President

Queers and Allies (Q&A)

Q&A promotes the acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) students, faculty and staff, through education and discussion of LGBT issues and rights. By organizing on-campus discussions with leaders from the community and holding social events, Q&A is aimed at raising awareness of healthcare concerns faced by the LGBT community. In addition to being an educational and social resource, Q&A promotes a safe space for the Feinberg LGBT community as an alliance of LGBT-friendly students, faculty and staff.

» Kara Malone, President
» Da P. Jin, Treasurer

Running Club

The Running Club promotes physical fitness within a group setting through coordinated biweekly runs.  It is open to all medical students regardless of running ability.  The club aims to motivate and provide support to students training for competitive and non-competitive events in the Chicago area (e.g. 5K-marathons and triathlons/duathlons).  It would also like to educate members on medical and practical aspects of running (i.e. form, clothing, physiology, training, etc.).

» Aaron Skolnik

South Asian Medical Students Association (SAMSA)

SAMSA is dedicated to providing quality healthcare and health education to the increasingly underserved population of South Asians in the community.  Its mission includes educating students about issues concerning South Asian physicians, residents and  medical students, promoting diversity in the medical school curriculum, giving back to the community through charity and service work, and providing students the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with medical students of other schools.

» Ekta Gupta, Co-President
» Abhishek Bhandari, Co-President

Wine Culture Club

The Wine Culture Club seeks to educate graduate students about the many aspects of wine, while offering opportunities for students to meet their peers.  Through guest speakers and wine tastings, the club explores historical, cultural, health and culinary topics related to wine.

» Robin Buerki

student programming

The Beat

Recently revived, The Beat is Feinberg's only student-run newspaper, which provides a public forum for sharing new ideas, opinions, and news.

» Amar Vira, Editor-in-Chief


Chiasma is the annual literary and arts journal of the Northwestern medical community. Chiasma gives students the opportunity to explore and nourish their interest in the arts and humanities, while still in medical school. Chiasma accepts submissions of poetry, prose, photography and artwork from students, staff and faculty.

» Kali Zhou, Editor-in-Chief


FUSION is the annual multicultural show featuring song, dance, fashion and other acts from various ethnicities.  It is a joint effort from the multicultural groups on campus. All proceeds from the show benefit Chicagoland charities and student-run clinics.

» Betty Kong, Director

In Vivo

In Vivo is the annual student-produced variety show, featuring comedic skits, parodies and special talents. Proceeds from the two-night performance benefit charities.

» Ashvini Varadhi, Director


Infoplex organizes and promotes the use of online resources for medical students. Each medical class maintains its own homepage to keep students updated about academic and extracurricular activities.

» Adam Light


Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP)

The program supports 10 weeks of research by medical students. The program is typically completed during the summer between the M1 and M2 year. Students work with faculty mentors of their choice to develop and conduct a research project, and results are presented at the poster fair in the early fall. Awardees receive a stipend for the summer. Look for email announcements about MSSRP info meetings and expect proposal application deadlines in early winter.

» Richard M. Green, MD, MSSRP/RTP Director
» Medical Student Summer Research Program

Research Thesis Program (RTP)

The RTP is an extension of the MSSRP and is geared towards students not pursuing a PhD or MPH program. It is typically completed during the M4 year. Graduating with RTP can enhance one's resumé and provide valuable learning skills and insight in the practice of medicine.

» Richard M. Green, MD, MSSRP/RTP Director

» Research Thesis Program