Designed by Ikram, former Cili Padi president. Pedas!

Selamat Datang!

And that's welcome in Bahasa Malaysia, our national language. Cili Padi was formed in 2002. Now we have 12 members ranging from first-year to graduate students. Supported by the Malaysian Students Department just a few blocks from campus, Cili Padi has now become a significant member of the Northwestern community through its involvement in various multicultural activities. Cili Padi members are everywhere; from rocking the stage at the Asian Rock Fest to enticing patrons to try our famous teh tarik and performing wayang kulit at South East Asia Nite.


Perhatian cili-cili sekalian...

Have a Great Summer!

30 June 2010

Have a great summer at wherever you are!

Incoming freshman, please feel free to contact any of us over the summer if you have any question or concern. Our contact is listed on the members page.

Welcome Back To NU!

12 Sept 2009

To Freshmen, Welcome to NU!

To returning Cilis, Welcome back.

I hope everyone has had a great summer break. It's time to get back to some serious work course!) ;)

As you can see, some changes have been made to our website. I hope you like our new look!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on campus, and have a great Fall Quarter!

Welcome Freshman and Transfer!

20 Jun 2009

Congratulations--we'll be excited to have you here! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us. You can email RC at